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TCX Comp Evo Offroad

New FC-Moto USA
In stock
For fans of traditional-construction boots, the top-of-the-range boot is also available in the COMP EVO version, made using the Goodyear assembly technique that involves applying the upper to the sole using double stitching. This technique ensures that the product is robust and makes it easy to replace the sole. The sole is made from double density material that is highly resistant to wear and lacerations. COMP EVO features the new TCX® MX/ENDURO sole, which guarantees maximum grip and traction and that features a tilt angle designed to ensure the foot rests on and/or is released from the peg depending on the riding requirements.The introduction of the new Double Flex Control system, which features a PU joint in the ankle area, improves front and rear flexibility of the leg and offers excellent protection against impact. The upper features a PU bootleg which is integrated into the Double Flex Control system, making for enhanced envelopment of the calf and protection against the ingress of mud, dust and gravel. The PU bootleg is equipped with a rubber heat–guard that offers a superior grip on the bike frame. The shin plate is made of polyurethane and presents an adjustable system to fit different calf dimensions perfectly.This product is designed for use in the most extreme Motocross and Enduro races in which every part can contribute to the final performance.UPPER: high wear resistant micro fibre and PU bootlegLINING: breathable fabric and PU soft padding around the ankle areaREINFORCEMENTS: Double Flex Control system; PU adjustable shin plate; polyurethane toe and heel guard, internal heat guard, ankle and malleolus reinforcementsBUCKLES: 4 aluminium buckles, micro-adjustable and interchangeableSOLE: new TCX sole with specific tread for Enduro and Cross useCOLOUR: BLACK – WHITE – WHITE/ORANGESIZE RANGE: EU 38-49; US 5-14 CE CERTIFICATION - TCX Comp Evo Offroad
Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number:966001542