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Universal Waterproof Dive Dry Bag Cover Case Pouch For 5.7' Mobile Phone

New Banggood US
In stock
Material: PVC Plastic Size: 17x10.5 cm (Suitable for cellphones whose size is smaller than this size.) Colors: Pink, Blue, Orange, Green Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy Note3/Note 4, Ascend P7 (P7-L05/L07)/ P6 (P6-C00) Xiaomi Note, Coolpad X7(8690-T00) Apple iPhone 5/5s/6/6 plus, etc. Feature: Perfect fit for many kinds of cellphones in 5.7''. Made of PVC plastic material, provides excellent waterproof resistance for your smart phone. Can be used while you are playing in sports or games like diving, swimming, climbing, rafting or other in-water or out of water activities. A 14.0x8.0cm clear window design, to touch the phone screen and is for your easy browsing, viewing videos or media. Neck strap and arm band design, you can hang it on your neck or band it in your arm whatever you like, added for you more convenience wherever you go. Two sliding devices on the top of the waterproof bag, easy to open and lock, provides all the protection for your phone while you are in water activities. (Only if the bag is not damages.) Incoming calls can also be picked up under water and you can clearly hear what the other side talking about. (Only of your phone has signals.) Kindly Reminder: 1. Please check the waterproof bag and accessory if there is any damage every time before you use it. 2. After using it each time, please dry and clean your bag. 3. Do not directly expose it under the sunlight for a long time. Package Included: 1 x Waterproof Bag 1 x Neck Strap 1 x Arm Band
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