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Healthcare Sport Injury First Aid Ice Bag

New Banggood US
In stock
Specification: Material: Rubber and Waterproof fabrics Color: Green Size: About (Diameter X H) 8cm X 16cm / 3.15 inch X 6.29 inch Expansion coefficient: About 3.3 Structure: Double Shape: Round Capacity: About 180ml Instantaneous temperature difference: - 20C -- 150C The Ice Bag is ideal for Injuries or Sprains and will help reduce the swelling. For use on any Injust such as bumps, bruises, sprains and strains. Can be applied to any part of the body for fast pain relief. Simple to use, for the Ice pack remove cap then fill with ice cubes, crushed ice or water. Dampen the bag in cold water to avoid sticking to the body. To use as a Heat Pack fill bag with Warm water (Max temp 50C) use a towl between the body and pack to avoid burning. This should not be used on people whom have known medical conditions. Bag must not be microwaved, and should be hand washed. Multiple Benefits:reduces bleeding in the body tissues,prevents or reduces swelling,reduces muscle spasm and pain,reduces pain by numbing area and by limiting swelling. Easy to carry and use: Ideal for cool and soothing relief; Large opening is leak-proof and easy to fill; Perfect for first aid and sports-related injuries; Recommended to help ease pain and other discomfort,remove tiredness,and reduce swelling etc; Great for sprains,muscle strain,fractures,bumps,bruises,headaches,toothaches and minor burns etc. Directions for use: Turn cap counterclockwise to loosen and remove. Fill bag with cold tap water,squa
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