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Klim F4 Helm ECE Legacy Black

New FC-Moto USA
In stock
Extreme Enduro competitions all over the world have been dominated by one rider and one helmet: Graham Jarvis and the revolutionary KLIM® F4. As the most ventilated helmet in motorsports, the premium F4 from KLIM® keeps Jarvis cooler in the world’s most demanding conditions. A cooler head means more energy. And more energy means better line selection, higher levels of concentration and the ability to do one-handed victory wheelies as your competition passes out. You’ve seen the YouTube clips and Red Bull Romaniacs victory salutes. Nobody pushes their bike and body further than Jarvis and the insane races he’s been winning for years.But it’s more than just unmatched ventilation that makes the F4 victorious across all off-road zones. Built on a premium zonal fiber select platform, the KLIM® F4 features aerospace fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar® layups to ensure premium safety standards are exceeded around the world. Comfort is enhanced by moisture-wicking comfort liner and cheek pad materials, comfort liner and cheek pad perforation, and the insane continuation of ventilation ducts and channels throughout the EPS.KLIM®’s premium standards are seen in the complete F4 Package. Included with every F4 Helmet is a genuine WINDSTOPPER® packable, snap-in liner to block direct wind contact while still retaining incredibly high breathability. Also, KLIM® includes a snap-in breath deflector with every F4—making it a true four-season, multi-sport helmet. Removable cheek pads and liners wash easily (and are replaceable) and a spare visor and visor hardware are included in the ballistic nylon carrying helmet bag that comes with each F4.To put it simply: the KLIM® F4 wins across the board. That’s what superior technology, premium features and KLIM® ingenuity deliver. Try an F4 on today and experience a new reality of comfort and performance.MOST ADVANCED VENTILATION SYSTEM IN MOTORSPORTS AIR INDUCTION SYSTEM SUPPORTS AIR-CRAVING INTAKES TO DELIVER SUBSTANTIAL AIR-FLOW AND VOLUME INTO VENTILATION SYSTEM EPS AIR CHANNELS CONTINUOUSLY INTRODUCE FRESH AIR TO INNER PRESSURE CHAMBER NETWORK AND TRANSPORT HEATED AIR AND EXCESS MOISTURE TO EXIT PORTS LARGE, EFFECTIVE EXIT PORTS MOISTURE-WICKING COMFORT LINER AND CHEEK PADS INTEGRATES WITH VENTILATION SYSTEM AND ENHANCES COOLING VIA AIRFLOW PERFORATIONS NON-INTRUSIVE EYE PORT INCREASES FIELD OF VISION PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION AND QUALITY E.C.E. 22.05 VERSION AVAILABLE FOR EUROPEAN MARKETS ZONAL FIBER SELECT CONSTRUCTION WITH AEROSPACE FIBERGLASS, CARBON FIBER AND KEVLAR® ENSURE A SAFER HELMET AIR-INDUCTION EXTERIOR RIDGES INCREASE STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY OF THE HELMET PATENT D583, 102 ALL-WEATHER SYSTEM AND COMFORT FEATURES INCLUDED WINDSTOPPER® LINER IS SMALL AND POCKETABLE, SNAPS ONTO FOAM COMFORT LINER TO PROVIDE WINDPROOF WARMTH WHILE STILL MAINTAINING INCREDIBLE BREATHABILITY AND MOISTURE REMOVAL ADJUSTABLE SNAP-IN BREATH DEFLECTOR INCLUDED COMFORT LINER AND CHEEK PADS EASILY REMOVABLE AND WASHABLE INCLUDED WITH EACH HELMET DELUXE, SOFT-LINED, BALLISTIC NYLON CARRYING BAG WITH EXTERNAL ZIPPERED SIDE POCKETS AND END MESH STASH POCKET WINDSTOPPER® COLD-WEATHER SNAP-IN LINER BREATH DEFLECTOR REMOVABLE CHEEK PADS REMOVABLE COMFORT LINER REPLACEMENT PARTS AVAILABLE (PLEASE CONTACT KLIM® CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT. TO ORDER THE FOLLOWING REPLACEMENT PARTS AT (208)552-7433) OPTIONAL THICKNESS CHEEK PADS HELMET VISOR TOP VENT COVER VISOR SCREWS (2) VISOR SCREW WASHERS (2) CENTER SCREW CENTER SCREW WASHER MOUTHPIECE SCREW MOUTHPIECEF4 Helmet Vent Replacement Instructions Weight ca 1100g - Klim F4 Helm ECE Legacy Black
Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number:5106-001-140-004