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Arai Chaser V White

New FC-Moto USA
In stock
EVOLUTION OF A LEGENDThe completely new ”Chaser-V” has been redesigned from the ground up in almost every detail. A matter of evolution instead of revolution, to continue the success of the popular and loved Chaser model.New on the Chaser-V is the new, wide aperture and SAI visor offering a better view on the road, improving both safety and convenience. Comfort is significantly updated by the modified ventilation system. The interior has been improved to better follow the lines of the head, preventing pressure points and offering the necessary tight, yet comfortable fit.Large rear ductThe large rear vent now creates a 50% higher vacuum, noticeable improving the ventilation of the interior. Large size knob for easy operation of the adjustable slider.Large side ventsLarger side vents and the redesigned rear vent not only improve comfort, but also the designs and styling of the Chaser-V with its SFL construction outer shell.Front ductLarge front duct can be closed or opened with a convenient large size slide, that can easily be operated even with gloves.Aerodynamical propertiesWhen the front duct is closed, the aerodynamic properties of the Chaser V are further improved for added comfort and noise reduction.Replaceable interiorCheek pads and interior may be removed in seconds for cleaning. Different size thickness are available for a custom fit for every rider.Neck pad with integrated ventRear vent openings plus integrated vent in the neck pad for optimum ventilation.Extra wide apertureExtra wide aperture and SAI visor offer a better view on the road or track for better safety and convenience.Chin ventThree position chin vent helps in demisting the visor and offering fresh, cool air to the rider. - Arai Chaser V White
Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number:126-011-05