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Hiking the Jesus Trail: And Other Biblical Walks in the Galilee

New Cotswold Outdoor US
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From epic cliffs to gentle fields, from bustling towns to the peaceful lake shores of Galilee, take a journey on the Jesus Trail and watch the Bible and history come to life. Hiking the Jesus Trail contains all the information you need to independently walk the 65-kilometre (40-mile) Jesus Trail and over 220 kilometres of additional trails connecting New Testament sites in the Galilee region of Israel. Literally walk in the footsteps of Jesus between sites such as Nazareth, Capernaum, the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, Mount Tabor, and dozens of other sacred historical sites. This book includes:• Over 50 detailed full-colour stage maps, city maps and historical maps, now with more detail!• Suggested itineraries for walks ranging from one day to two weeks; • Practical information about travel, accommodation, food, gear, and more; • Historical information about the 1st century context of Jesus and overviews of dozens of historical and biblical sites; • Ecological information about the Galilee region, including flora and fauna, nature reserves and national parks, and the Israeli hiking trail network; • Over 250 full-colour pages with over 200 photos and illustrations; • Integrated website with free GPS tracks of all routes covered in the book and updated trail conditions.
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Brand:Village to Village Press
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