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Coverbot PocketStash Glide Case for iPhone 6s and 6 HOT PINK TPU Shock Absorbent Dual Layer Design with Cushion and Reinforced Thickened Wallet Stand with Pocket for iPhone 6s and 6

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Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6s, Cell Phones & Accessories, The CoverBot Pocket Stash Glide BLACK Case for iPhone 6s and 6 with Card Slot HolderThe CoverBot Pocket Stash Glide for iPhone 6s and 6 Case Case was developed with the user's lifestyle in mind. This case is designed to protect the iPhone 6s and 6 with adding secure protection as well as the function of a wallet, keeping it lightweight and slim. It's the perfect combination of style, durability and convenience. This case is made to withstand even the most active lifestyle while allowing the user to display their sense of style and fashion. Many smartphone cases make you choose between protection, fashion and function but with the new The CoverBot Pocket Stash Glide for iPhone 6s and 6Case with Stand, you can have it all! Coverbot Pocket Stash Glide Features: Accurately aimed to fit your Apple iPhone 6s and 6 Card slot holder case feature Strong yet slim, form fitting hard-shell construction with soft core inner shell Convenient card storage to securely carry up to 2 cards High-end sliding technology to keep cards in place and secure Rubberized edges for anti-slip protection Secure protection for extra peace of mind
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