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Chasing 120

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While some may have differing opinions regarding whether they would want to live to be 120 years old, Chasing 120: A Story of Food, Faith, Fraud and the Pursuit of Longevity by Monte Wolverton, unveils the story of health mogul, Dr. Tyler Belknap, who insists that a long life can be realized even amidst health fads, GMO scares, scams and false advertising. Dr. Belknap is essentially the "Pied Piper" of health and spirituality. He's a clever health mogul and marketer whose promises of a 120-year life influence the masses to dig deep into their pockets to follow his Bible-based program. While some realize improved health; others suffer serious side effects after taking his specially formulated supplements and GMO's. However this doesn't stop Dr. Belknap. His solution is to bury these occurrences by bribing politicians and city officials, and will stop at no length to keep whistleblowers at bay. The truth somehow always finds a way to show itself, and it does so in this book when an employee of Dr. Belknap discovers his son developed brain damage from one of his substance-laced foods. The book goes on to show readers that while life isn't always fair, it does go on and thrive despite misplaced faith.
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Brand:Plain Truth Ministries
EAN:Plain Truth Ministries
Plain Truth Ministries
Plain Truth Ministries