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Lazarillo de Tormes (Primera y segunda partes)

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The story opens with Lázaro introducing his family: his father has died and he lives with his mother, stepfather, who is black, and his mulatto brother. Soon after, the stepfather is also executed for stealing. Then Lázaro is in the service of a blind man who teaches him his wiles to help him survive. The blind man is cruel and whips Lázaro each day. Later, Lázaro has a new master, even greedier and more selfish. The master feeds his mice before feeding Lázaro, and beats him badly. Lázaro leaves for Toledo, where he finds a squire-like rich man, and becomes his servant. But as the days pass he discovers that the squire is, if anything, poorer than himself, and begins to beg and helps to feed neighbors. Then this master flees leaving Lázaro to settle his debts, but the creditors are kind and let him go. The fourth master is a friar, who gives him his first shoes, but does so with the intention of making Lázaro work without rest. Moreover, he is a corrupt friar and more interested in women than in work. Lázaro grows tired and leaves. His fifth master is a scam artist who sells bulls. In the sixth and seventh chapters Lázaro has multiple masters. The first is a painter, and the second is a chaplain, who, over time, gives helps him earn enough money to buy new clothes. Then in the seventh chapter, Lazaro becomes an assistant to a bailiff, but it doesn't last. Finally, his last master, the archpriest of San Salvador, allows him to marry his maid. Lázaro has to endure talk about the infidelity of his wife, but prefers to defend and believe his wife. Gradually, after a celebration for Cortes, Lázaro prospers (This ending is perhaps an allusion to 1525, when Charles V enters Toledo to celebrate Cortes for the first time in the city).
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