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The Anti-Diet

New Kobo UK
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Welcome to the Anti Diet. As a health consultant with a Ph.D. in exercise physiology and nutrition, I look forward to sharing with you the most current information I have to help you stop dieting endlessly, stop wasting your money on diets, and start living a normal and healthy life. All you have to do is to read this book, take notes, and implement the Anti-Diet program one step at a time. First, however, let me congratulate you for making two very wise decisions: (1) to stop the yo-yo dieting syndrome and (2) to step into a normal and healthy lifestyle. Let us all understand that this book is written for most of us-people like you and me who have become obsessed with diets. My goal in writing this book is to help increase your understanding of lifestyle changes, lifestyle choices, and how they can affect your health, your conditioning, and your general well being. This is really much more than just a weight-loss book. I am an exercise physiologist and a nutritionist, a specialist in helping people change their lifestyles-a specialist in helping people build up a nourishing diet based on proper eating habits and proper nutrition. However, this book will not only help you improve your health and well- being, it will enable you to enhance your ability to metabolize food, strengthen your immune system, and, at the same time, increase your energy level. In addition, it can really help you lose weight without deprivation or hunger. With the Anti Diet program you will never, ever, fall into the trap of dieting again! The use of the word DIET in this book is in a reference to a way of life. Diet in this book refers to the way a person should eat as a part of his or her lifestyle! It is the learning of behavior patterns. It is a way of eating: eating the right choices, proper amounts and at the correct times of the day. In this book, the definition of DIET is NOT a restricted caloric intake and/or a deprivation program in order to lose weight. - Building
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